What to expect

First Consultation

Your first consultation usually takes about an hour and involves a full case history being taken. This enables us to find out about your lifestyle as well as about your symptoms. Gaining a picture of how your body is being used day-to-day will often help the chiropractor find out why your body is not functioning correctly.

The next step involves your chiropractor explaining the reasons for chiropractic care and what is involved when they adjust you and this time also enables you to ask your chiropractor any questions you may have.

The chiropractor will carry out an examination including relevant orthopaedic and neurological tests to determine the cause of your symptoms. Chiropractors receive a high level of clinical training and if it was felt that you required any further diagnostic tests, such as an x-ray, your chiropractor would refer you to your GP.

A plan of care will be recommended, discussed and agreed with you when it is determined that it is safe and appropriate to proceed.