Privacy Policy

The Chiropractic Room is committed to protecting your personal information when you are using our services.

The Chiropractic Room is committed to safeguarding your personal information. Whenever you provide such information, including the GDPR legislation.

Completed patient record cards are stored (contact details, description of condition, media history) as paper copies, in locked filing cabinets. When the clinic room is not being used by the chiropractor, it is locked.

Contact details (name, mobile number and e-mail address) are also held electronically on the practice chiropractors’ phone’s and computers.

Information collected on the record card during the initial consultation (when you are present) will only be used by the chiropractor in order to get an overall picture of your health and specific detail about your reason for attending the clinic. This will enable the chiropractor to make a working diagnosis, which will inform the appropriate chiropractic care, including number and frequency of appointments.

Your information will be updated at each appointment. This will include how you respond to chiropractic care. You will also be asked if anything has changed regarding your health and personal information e.g. address and contact details.

You will be asked to sign a form to clarify that you give your ongoing permission to the chiropractor for any relevant information to be held on your behalf. This may also include permission for the Chiropractor to use your photograph or review/testimonial on The Chiropractic Room’s Facebook/Instagram account.

Personal data will not be processed electronically, merely used by the chiropractor to aid diagnosis and direct care.